About me

I am a specialised  Reflexologist. I specialise in Foot, Face and Hand Reflexology, Advanced Vertical Reflexology and ZoneFaceLift.  I have ran my own Reflexology business for 6 years.  I also work as an Advanced Practitioner Radiographer, in a specialised unit in the N.H.S.
 I first experienced Reflexology many years ago when I was looking to shed excess tension from my work in the N.H.S. I was so impressed with Reflexology and how it helped my tension, joint pains and energy levels that I decided that I would like to train as a Reflexologist and share it's benefits with others.
My Reflexology Diploma is a nationally recognised qualification,involving both practical and theoretical examinations. My theory work included Anatomy and Physiology, Health Conditions, Illnesses and Diseases, Nutrition,Theories of Reflexology and an overview of other Complementary Therapies. My practical work explored many different techniques including precision reflexology, gentle touch reflexology, reflexology and meridians. Since then, I have trained with Lynne Booth in Vertical Reflexology and Advanced Vertical Reflexology and am  continuing to develop professionally so that my treatments give you the best possible chance of wellbeing.
It is important you feel reassured that, as your complementary therapist, I am trained to a standard recognised by the NHS, the Federation of Holistic Therapists and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. I am  a full member of the Association of Reflexologists and a member of the VRT network. You are welcome to view my qualifications and professional insurance.
I believe that Reflexology is a valuable complementary therapy which can be so helpful in many ways, not least, improving mood, aiding sleep, relieving tension and encouraging deep relaxation and a sense of well being.
Reflexology may  help you  on a journey to health and well being. I would like to help you feel energised and in better health and as part of your Reflexology treatment, you may wish to talk about your lifestyle and stresses which may help you to explore different ways of managing your health to fit in with your work and home demands.
Wendy Rees Ba (Hons) DCR(R) MAR
 My qualifications include:-
  • Reflexology Diploma - achieving top marks in my class
  • Ba (Hons) Health Studies
 My Continuing Professional Development which may be of interest includes:-
  • ZoneFaceLift 2017
  • Advanced Facelift Massage 2016
  • Advanced Facial Reflexology 2016
  • Facial Reflexology 2016
  • Advanced Vertical Reflexology 2011
  • Vertical Reflexology 2011
  • Diploma in Reflexology 2011
Emergency First Aid at Work 2011, 2014
Resuscitation Training 2017
  • Maternity Reflexology Seminar 2011  
  • Advanced Communication (NHS) 2011
  • Foot Dysfunction and the associated clinical implications along the kinetic chain with respect to the Reflexologist 2011.
  • Offering patients what they want. What do patients want from psycho-social support? 2011