Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a natural, holistic therapy which uses  human touch and pressure, applied to specific areas of your feet or hands, to bring about results. It seeks to complement the body's own natural healing efforts. Reflexology is non-intrusive, and because it stimulates specific reflex points, may help your body in many ways. It may be experienced as a very relaxing therapy, helping with stress, improving mood, aiding sleep and relieving tension. It may have many deep and profound benefits.
Although Reflexology dates back to techniques used in ancient China, Egypt and India - Dr William Fitzgerald introduced these principles to the western world in 1913 as 'zone therapy'. This was further developed in the 1930's by Eunice Ingham into what is now known as Reflexology.
What happens in a treatment?
Although treatment is tailored to each individual, a typical Reflexology appointment lasts about one hour in a private and relaxing environment. A first appointment may take a little longer as it includes details of your overall health, medication, lifestyle and any specific health issues or stresses you may have. Following this, you will be asked to remove your jewellery for a facial treatment or your footwear and socks for a foot treatment: you then relax in a reclining chair supported by cushions and listen to soothing music whilst enjoying your treatment.
How long is an appointment?
Your first foot Reflexology appointment may last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes, with follow on foot Reflexology appointments taking approximately one hour. Hand Reflexology appointments take slightly less time.
What if I have ticklish feet?

Don't worry .... many people have ticklish feet, but as the treatment uses pressure it doesn't feel like tickling at all. Most people are genuinely surprised that they never feel ticklish .... even those people with very, very sensitive feet!

How do I know if you are qualified?

I am a fully qualified and insured Reflexologist, with an ABC  Diploma in Reflexology. I am member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and am listed on their web site. I am also listed on the VRT website.

Will I suffer any discomfort?

Reflexology is a very gentle and deeply relaxing therapy. Occasionally, some reflexes may feel tender, but the pressure used can be varied to prevent discomfort.

Do I need to prepare beforehand?

You dont need to make any special preparations, except to have clean  feet or hands. Do not worry if you cannot wash your feet immediately prior to a treatment as I will use cleansing wipes to freshen your feet before we start. I will remove face make up with a cleansing wipe if you are having a facial treatment.
Could I have a treatment on my hands as I do not like my feet being touched? What is the difference?
I am qualified in both hand, foot  and facial Reflexology and do offer hand and facial Reflexology treatments.
Hand reflexology treatments take slightly less time than foot Reflexology and feel relaxing in a different way. We could always start with Reflexology on your feet but change to  hand Reflexology after a few minutes if you feel uncomfortable in any way. Facial treatments often promote relaxation very early in a treatment.

How will I feel afterwards?

The majority of people feel relaxed with a general sense of well-being. It is possible to feel energised and to have a good night's sleep after a treatment. Some people report a healing reaction, perhaps feeling a little under the weather for a short time after a treatment. This is viewed by holistic therapists as a positive sign that your body is working towards equilibrium and balance.
How do I book a treatment?

When should I avoid treatment?

It is not usually advisable to attend for a Reflexology treatment if you have an acute infection, for example, a cold, the flu, or infected sinusitis - you may find Reflexology beneficial though, once the acute stages of infection have subsided.
If you wish to start Reflexology after recent  surgery, we would just  need to seek agreement of your G.P. or medical practitioner first.
If you have significant illness, just contact me for a chat to see whether Reflexology is suitable. There are very few occasions when  Reflexology is not possible or advisable.
I have:
         a verruca on my foot/ warts on my hand.
         a fungal nail infection.
         athletes foot.                  Am I ok to have Reflexology?
If you have an isolated verruca on your foot or a wart on your hand, we can cover the area with a plaster and you will be able to have Reflexology. Please tell me when you make the appointment or when you attend. Alternatively, if you have a large cluster of verrucas, it may be best to have hand or facial Reflexology as an alternative to foot Reflexology. If you have several warts on your hands, it may be best to have foot Reflexology.
If the fungal infection is under your nail or is only limited to one nail, it may be possible to have Reflexology as I will take care to avoid touching this nail and cover it with a plaster. Alternatively, hand or face Reflexology may be performed instead. Please tell me when you make the appointment or when you attend.
If you have a minor outbreak of athletes foot, it may be possible to have Reflexology avoiding that area. Alternatively, hand or facial Reflexology may be performed instead. Please tell me when you make the appointment or when you attend.
Can I talk to you before I book a treatment?
Of course! Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions, click on the following link to open my contact me page.
Please note that I do not offer general medical advice and would encourage you to contact your medical practitioner if you have specific health questions unrelated to Reflexology.


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