ZoneFaceLift for a glowing complexion and deep relaxation.
ZoneFaceLift can help your face feel and look younger, smoother and more toned.

A ZoneFacelift treatment can stimulate healing mechanisms within the body, combining Advanced Facial Reflexology with Japanese facelift massage, lymphatic drainage, Indian head massage and quartz crystals. Combine these techniques with organic grapeseed oil, organic rose oil (after an initial skin test), hot towels, Jade  and roller ZoneFaceLift tools and you have a unique ZoneFacelift treatment course. Native American healing techniques, guided visualisation and self help suggestions complete the experience.
Each treatment is tailored especially for you on the day to best smooth and lift your face and encourage your spirit to soar.   
A treatment or course of treatments will encourage your body to eliminate toxins so you can look better, feel less stressed and have a healthy glow on the outside as well as inside.  My Advanced Facial Reflexology combines a deeply relaxing experience with gentle stimulation of reflex points on the face, helping to encourage a glowing, radiant complexion and encouraging the body to rebalance. I massage, stimulate and stroke reflex points and zones on the face.
Rose oil has a wonderful aroma and lifts the emotions.
Hot towels enhance the experience.
Jade and roller ZoneFaceLift tools help to smooth lines and wrinkles.
Advanced massage techniques plump up your skin.

I am excited to offer advanced ZoneFaceLift treatments after training with Ziggie Bergman in the prestigious London School of Reflexology

 ZoneFaceLift is recommended ideally, as a course of treatments, enjoyed weekly, over 12 weeks. You could always try 1 first though and take it from there!