Advanced Facial Reflexology with Facelift Massage

I am excited to offer Advanced facial Reflexology treatments after training with Ziggie Bergman in the prestigious London School of Reflexology completing courses in Facial Reflexology, Advanced Facelift Massage, ZoneFaceLift and a diploma in Advanced Facial Reflexology.The Bergman Zone Method of Facial Reflexology is internationally recognised and is embraced worldwide.

Facial reflexology  can help your face feel and look smoother. Healing mechanisms are stimulated from within, encouraging your body to eliminate toxins and clients can look better, less stressed and have a healthy glow on the outside as well as inside.  
My Advanced Facial Reflexology includes Advanced Facelift Massage techniques and combines a deeply relaxing experience with gentle stimulation of reflex points on the face, helping to encourage a glowing, radiant complexion and encouraging the body to rebalance.  I use organic grapeseed oil and organic rose oil (after performing an initial skin test) to massage, stimulate and stroke reflex points and zones on the face. Lines and wrinkles can become lifted and less obvious with repeat treatments and even one stand alone treatment can improve your complexion.