Treatment & Costs

 Reflexology will help to harmonise and balance energy within your body creating a feeling of well being. It can have positive effects in many ways, improving mood, aiding sleep, releasing tension and much more. It is suitable for people of all ages.
My Reflexology Treatments are deeply relaxing and I have supported clients experiencing many varied conditions but, due to  the present advertising laws, I am unable to list full details of how Reflexology will help specific conditions. Please feel free to contact me if you wish to enquire if reflexology may be helpful for you.
How much do treatments cost?

ZoneFacelift, treatment and consultation £60.
Facial Reflexology with Advanced Facelift Massage, treatment and consultation £45.
Foot Reflexology, treatment and consultation £30.
Hand Reflexology, treatment and consultation £25.
Vertical Reflexology and Advanced Vertical Reflexology -  price on enquiry.

I can offer self help techniques which may benefit you between treatments and I also offer Vertical Reflexology and Advanced Vertical Reflexology treatments or self help.
Your first appointment may last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes as we chat about your overall health, medication, lifestyle and any specific health issues or stresses you may have, with
follow on appointments usually lasting one hour - I do not charge any more for the longer first appointment. 

Follow on treatments of Vertical Reflexology/ Advanced Vertical Reflexology alone are also available. These are shorter treatments and cost less than a full Reflexology treatment.
All information is treated with full confidentiality.

 There is no charge if you cancel a treatment earlier than one day before, although I may need to make a charge if you cancel a treatment with less than one days notice.
Taster Treatments
 I am also available for groups to book 'Taster Reflexology Treatments'. For example, for a pamper evening with friends or family. Each taster treatment would last about 20 minutes and is a great introduction to the relaxing benefits of Reflexology. This service is suitable for a minimum of four people to a maximum of twelve. Please contact me to discuss costs.

Frequently asked questions