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  Reflexology is a natural, holistic therapy which uses  human touch and pressure applied to specific areas to bring about results. I have included here some more information about reflexology which you may find interesting.
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Reflexology; 'Significant decrease in premenstrual symptoms'

A  study undertaken by the American Academy of Reflexology was reported in an article posted on  In a controlled study using volunteers in California, participants who had previously complained of PMS symptoms felt significantly less affected following reflexology treatment.

I use  rose oil in my Facial Reflexology and Advanced Facelift Massage as it is so beneficial for the skin and it smells wonderful too!

MRI Research with Reflexology

Japanese researchers have undertaken studies recently  using  reflexology on healthy volunteers whilst the volunteers were having a functional magnetic resonance image (fMRl) scan.

32 volunteers were studied and reflexology points for the eye/face were used. One group of volunteers were told correctly that the eye reflex area was being stimulated first and incorrectly that the second reflex point was the shoulder. This explanation was reversed in the other group of volunteers.

Irrespective of group, the results were the same:There was a blood flow response in the area which recognised the foot being touched -This always happened on the opposite side of the brain, as would be expected by neurobiology theory BUT there was also a response in the area that recognises touch to the face when the reflexology points were stimulated and this was on the same side of the brain, as would be expected in reflexology theory.
The results always showed a response in the eye/face area part of the brain and never in the shoulder area.
Somatotopical relationships between cortical activity and refiex areas in reflexology: A functional magnetic resonance imaging  study
Tomomi Nakamaru, Naoki Miura, Ai Fukushima and Ryuta Kawashima Neuroscience Letters Volume 448,
lssue L, L9 December 2008, Pages 6-9
Activity in the primary somatosensory cortex induced by reflexological stimulation is unaffected by pseudo-information: a
functional magnetic resonance imaging study
 Naoki Miura, Yuko Akitsuki, Atsushi Sekiguchi andRyuta Kawashima
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